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ZedBoard Development Kit
Board Support Package

Blunk Microsystems' board support package for the ZedBoard Development Kit includes the following features:
  • First Stage Boot Loader (FSBL) with TFTP support. Allows the FSBL, bitstream file, and CPU0/CPU1 applications to be independently updated via menu-driven TFTP. Automatically loads the bitstream and TargetOS application files at reset.

  • Low-level initialization for hosting TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' high performance real-time operating system on Zynq's ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs.

  • Configures ARM Cortex-A9 instruction cache, data cache, and MMU in copyback mode for maximum performance. Provides API to flush, invalidate, and synchronize the instruction and data caches for coherency with DMA bus masters.

  • Zynq EHCI USB 2.0 driver for TargetUSB™, Blunk Microsystem's USB host stack.

  • Zynq Gigabit Ethernet driver for TargetTCP™, Blunk Microsystems' IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack. Supports high-throughput streaming. Uses zero-copy interface with minimal time spent in the Ethernet interrupt handler.

  • Zynq Quad SPI driver for Spansionís S25FL256S NOR flash supports TargetXFS™ file system volumes and storage for the FSBL, bitstream file, and TargetOS applications.

  • Zynq SD controller driver for DMA-based high-throughput access to TargetFAT and TargetXFS volumes on removable SD Cards.

  • Zynq UART driver supports full-duplex operation of the Standard C stream I/O routines (printf(), scanf(), etc.) in interrupt and polled mode.

  • Zynq Global Timer driver for the kernel periodic tick interrupt. Supports task sleeps and service call timeouts. The default frequency is 100 ticks for second.

  • Zynq Triple Timer Counter (TTC) driver allows applications to generate one-shot and periodic interrupts with microsecond resolution. User callback functions are installed as the timer interrupt handlers.

  • Zynq I2C driver and TargetOS I2C API provides access to on-board I2C peripherals.

  • Integrated with the CrossStep embedded development IDE from Blunk Microsystems that includes an integrated project builder, kernel-aware source code debugger, JTAG debug connections for board bring-up, and Ethernet debug connections for fast application development.

  • Royalty free. Includes full ANSI C source code, default compiler settings, linker command files, JTAG initialization script, and user's manual.

Free downloads of CrossStep™ and TargetOS Basic, along with evaluation libraries for the ZedBoard BSP and Blunk Microsystemís file system, graphics, networking, and USB middleware components are available at www.crossstep.com. A Getting Started guide walks users through board set-up and first tool use.