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XP920T Board Support Package for TargetOS, RTOS for ARM

Features include:

  • Performs low level initialization of Atmel's AT91RM9200 microcontroller, including MMU, caches, interrupt controller, clock generator, SDRAM controller, etc. allowing TargetOS applications to boot from Flash.

  • Interrupt-driven and polled-mode UART driver for AT91RM9200's USART channels supports the stream I/O routines (printf(), scanf(), etc.) in the TargetOS Standard C library. Baud rate, parity, flow control mode, and number of stop bits are programmable.

  • Ethernet MAC (EMAC) driver uses the highest negotiable combination of half and full duplex, 10 and 100 Mbps, and implements a zero-copy interface to TargetTCP, Blunk Microsystems' high performance TCP/IP stack. Supports TFTP downloads, FTP transfers, Telnet access to the TargetOS command line monitor, and other TCP/IP applications.

  • System Timer (ST) driver implements the kernel tick interrupt used for task sleeps and system call timeouts. The default tick interrupt frequency is 128 Hz.

  • Drivers for Timer Counters (TC) 1-3 allow either periodic or one-time calls to user-provided callback functions after programmable delays. The default resolution is 1 us and the maximum delay is 2 sec. Timer Counters 4 and 5 implement the TargetOS 32-bit system timer for profiling and short delays.

  • DS1746 time-of-day clock driver supports the TargetOS Standard C library time-related functions. The time-of-day and date can be set by application programs or by the TargetOS boot menu..

  • NOR StrataFlash driver supports TargetFFS and the menu-driven TargetOS flash programmer for installing boot applications. The programmer supports ELF and S-record formats, accepting input from either a file, UART channel, FTP, or TFTP. TargetFFS has a POSIX and Standard C compliant file system API and provides guaranteed file system integrity across unexpected shutdowns.

  • Enables the AT91RM9200 MMU. Accesses to unsupported address ranges are caught and reported to the application as bus errors.

  • Enables AT91RM9200 data and instruction caches. The instruction cache is enabled for all accesses. Data accesses to the SDRAM use copy-back cache mode. All other data accesses are cache inhibited. Includes service calls to flush, invalidate, and synchronize the instruction and data caches.

  • Integrated with CrossStep, Blunk Microsystem's IDE for embedded development with an integrated project builder, kernel-aware source code debugger, on-chip debug connections for board bring-up and Ethernet debug connections for fast application development.

  • Royalty free License. Includes full ANSI C source code, default compiler settings, linker command files, user's manual, and one year of technical support.