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TargetWeb™ - Embedded Web Server

A high-performance embedded web server, TargetWeb allows users to monitor and control their embedded applications using any standard browser. Designed for 32-bit embedded application environments, TargetWeb can be quickly ported to any real-time kernel or to polling environments that do not use a kernel.

Should You Incorporate an Embedded Web Server into Your Device?

Great Reasons to Web Enable a Device


  • Monitor and Control Embedded Applications Using Any Browser From Anywhere
  • Compact and Configurable
  • REST Handlers (Custom Functions) for supporting RESTful Web Services
  • Server Replaces Custom <DATA> Tags On the Fly with User Function Supplied Content
  • Custom Dynamic Handlers for Generating HTML Content as Required by Forms
  • HTTP Authentication Support
  • Uses any POSIX Compatible File System
  • Can be used with Compressed Files or Statically "Compiled In" Pages using TargetZFS
  • Seamlessly integrated with any of Blunk's File System Solutions
  • Uses TargetTCP's Zero-Copy API for High Performance
  • Accessible Via Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Works with RTOS or Polled Mode
  • Integrated with CrossStep™
  • Royalty-Free, Source Code Provided


Features include:

  • Compliant with HTTP protocol versions 1.0 and 1.1.

  • Allows monitoring and control of embedded applications via any standard browser. If the device designer sets up the mechanism, supports execution of target code, thereby enabling access to virtually any operational functionality of the target.

  • Custom <DATA> tags embedded in HTML pages allow the server to provide updateable data on the fly as specified by the user.

  • Simple mechanism for generating dynamic HTML, such as that required by the use of Forms. Sample application included.

  • Tightly integrated with TargetTCP™ Blunk Microsystems' embedded TCP/IP protocol stack. Uses TargetTCP's zero-copy and event callback interfaces for high performance.

  • Easy to configure and use. The user specifies (1) the server's home directory and (2) the file containing the home page. The HTML pages can be updated using TargetTCP's built-in FTP server.

  • TargetWeb uses POSIX API to access the underlying file system.  Use with TargetXFS™, Blunk Microsystems' industry-leading embedded flash file system, allows the web pages to be dynamically updated, not hard-coded, and allows operation in environments where temperature, shock, or power restrictions prohibit use of a hard disk. Use with TargetZFS™ to serve compressed pages or to link a file system in with your application code.

  • Alternatively, can be used in conjunction with disk based or any other available file system.

  • Compact. Adds approximately 30 KB of code and 30 KB of data to the application.

  • Supports callback or polled architecture, requiring only one sempahore and no tasks.

  • Shipped with a sample application including sample web content that can be used as the starting point for your application.

  • Source code is 100% ANSI C and has been tested using PC-lint and multiple ANSI C compilers.

  • Developed using TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system. TargetTCP, TargetWeb, and the flash file systems are easily ported to other real-time kernels or to polling environments that do not use a kernel.

  • Royalty-free. Includes source code, user's manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support.