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TCP/IP Protocol Suites

Blunk Microsystems' embedded TCP/IP protocol suites, TargetTCP™, is a fast, reliable, re-entrant TCP/IP protocol stack implementation designed specifically for high-performance embedded networking. The protocol suites are based on either IPv4, IPv6, or both as a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack. TargetTCP-IPv6™ is now certified IPv6 Phase 2 Ready. TargetTCP protocol suites have all been extensively tested and demonstrated interoperable with Windows, Unix, and other TCP/IP protocol stacks.

Blunk supports a whole range of additional products that ship integrated with TargetTCP if desired. TargetCIFS and TargetNFS upgrade the network stack to include Windows discovery and file transfer protocols. TargetTLS provides client and server side Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) including a certificate store and certificate verify option. TargetIPSec upgrades IP with Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) for IPv4 and/or IPv6. For serial links, TargetPPP provides client and server side PPP and PPPoE including optimized drivers.

Blunk protocol suites are robust, high performance products that are exceedingly well commented. In customer benchmarks, they have performed much faster than both Linux and other commercial TCP/IP protocol stacks. The code has a small footprint and is well-suited to memory constrained environments.

Developed using TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system, the source code is ANSI C and easily ported to both other real-time kernels and to polling environments that do not use a kernel.

TargetTCP is shipped as royalty-free, source code.