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$5K RTOS Bundle

Blunk Microsystem’s RTOS Bundle is a $5K per-seat annual subscription license that includes a full-featured embedded operating system and a complete board support package with drivers and startup code. Together with CrossStep, our free, versatile, full-featured IDE, it forms a turnkey solution for successful embedded software development on the selected target board.


The embedded operating system modules are supplied as source code and built as libraries that can be easily included or excluded from your project. The following components are included in the bundle:

Development Tools
  • CrossStep Free, versatile, full-featured IDE
Kernel Storage Networking
  • TargetTCP-IPv4 IPv4 networking stack
  • TargetWeb Embedded web server with REST/UPnP/dynamic page support
  • TargetTLS Secure Socket Layer (SSL) client and server with certificate store
  • TargetSNMP SNMP agent with RMON for remote management
  • TargetCIFS Common Internet File System
  • TargetUSB embedded USB host stack and class drivers

Board Support Packages

The bundle includes one board support package that may be selected from the following list:

ARM Altera Nios II Power Architecture ColdFire

For support for a board not listed above, contact Blunk Microsystems for an affordable quote on a custom board support package.


CrossStep and the embedded software are licensed, not sold. Blunk grants the licensee a non-exclusive, worldwide, term license to use CrossStep and the embedded software on the number of seat(s) specified in the purchase order. Redistribution of source code is not allowed. There are no royalties for distribution of derived executable code.