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TargetWeb™ - REST Services

A human readable and highly customizable device management solution, REST leverages XML and HTTP to provide a simple yet powerful management interface. Monitor and control embedded applications from any standard web browser with RESTful services.


  • Device Managment for Applications Using Any Browser From Anywhere
  • Simple registration for REST Handlers
  • Full support library for XML
  • Complete RESTful Web Services Solution
  • Utilizes HTTP Authentication for access control


Features include:

  • Register callback handlers to support on demand RESTful services. Simple mechanism to develop a comprehensive management solution. Sample application included.

  • XML parser and generator use no memory allocations to ensure speed and reliability.

  • Shipped with a sample application including sample web content that can be used as the starting point for your application.

  • Source code is 100% ANSI C designed and tested for both big and little endian processors.

  • Developed using TargetOS™, Blunk Microsystems' real-time operating system. TargetTCP, TargetWeb, and the flash file systems are easily ported to other real-time kernels or to polling environments that do not use a kernel.

  • Royalty-free. Includes source code, user's manual, sample applications, and one year of technical support.