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Blunk offers a complete and varied line of best-in-class network products. All of these products are widely in use, including in the most stringent environments.

TCP/IP Protocol Stacks
  • High performance, reliable, reentrant protocol stacks
  • Implementation is much smaller and faster than Linux and commercial alternatives
  • Release testing methodology focuses on code coverage to ensure reliability
  • Endian agnostic C source code designed for any 32 or 64 bit processor
  • Ideal for wired or wireless network connectivity

Web Based Device Management
  • Compact and configurable dynamic Web server
  • Support for REST-ful device management services
  • Support for forms via dynamic handlers
  • Support for UPNP services

Network and Device Management
  • SNMPv1/v2c/v3 network management solution including MIB-II and RMON
  • User, View and Notification interfaces designed for defining subset levels of access
  • Connectionless protocol with flow control designed for reliable connectivity when communicating over latent and/or loss prone channels
  • Current Privacy and Authentication protocol support ensures security now and in the future
  • Unified Management Interface bridges SNMP and REST-ful services

  • ISO/IEC 7776 compliant with optional ISO/IEC 13239 SREJ support
  • Programmable window size
  • Easy to use API
  • Multiple HDLC channels

  • Packet-oriented serial protocol stack
  • Programmable window size
  • Easy to use API
  • Supports UDP and UART connections