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ColdFire Network Benchmark

Blunk's Network Benchmark Test transfers 10,000,000 bytes of data over TCP between a target board and a PC that are connected via a 100 Mbps switch. The target board runs first a chargen client and then a discard client, communicating with Windows XP servers on the PC.

We measure the throughput and percent CPU utilization. The following results are for Blunk's TargetOS/TargetTCP on the M5282LITE and M5474LITE boards. The compiler is GCC.


ToolsGCC-based CrossStep/ColdFire
BoardsM5474LITE, M5282LITE
GCCVersion 4.1.0 (includes hardware floating point support)
MCF528264 MHz
Instruction Cache - ENABLED
Buffered Writes - ENABLED
MCF5474132 MHz
Instruction Cache - ENABLED
Data Cache ENABLED in Write-Through Mode

chargen server:
MCF528221.1 Mbps at 100.0% utilization
MCF547474.8 Mbps at 96.7% utilization

discard client:
MCF528227.0 Mbps at 96.3% utilization
MCF547481.6 Mbps at 84.0% utilization

For more information on the network benchmark numbers, or to evaluate TargetTCP, please contact Blunk Microsystems:

3626 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95864
Tel: (408)323-1758
Fax: (408)323-1757
Email: info@blunkmicro.com