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Altera's Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK) Board Support Package

Blunk Microsystems' board support package for Altera's Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK), Cyclone III Edition, includes the following features:
  • Performs low level initialization of the Nios II CPU, including the instruction and data caches, allowing TargetOS™ applications to boot from Flash.

  • Triple Speed Ethernet (TSE) driver uses the highest negotiable combination of half and full duplex, 10 and 100 Mbps, and implements a zero-copy interface to TargetTCP™, Blunk Microsystems' high performance IPv4/v6 TCP/IP stack. Supports TFTP downloads, FTP transfers, Telnet access to the TargetOS command line monitor, and other TCP/IP applications.

  • JTAG_UART and UART drivers, in both interrupt-driven and polled modes, for full-duplex operation of the TargetOS Standard C stream I/O routines (printf(), scanf(), etc.). Supports fixed baud rate and programmable baud rate UART modes. Template UART driver is easily extended for multiple instantiations.

  • 32-bit Interval Timer driver supports TargetOS's 32-bit system timer and the kernel tick interrupt used for task sleeps and system call timeouts. The default tick frequency is 100 Hz.

  • API routines to flush, invalidate, and synchronize the instruction and data caches.

  • Optimized StrataFlash driver for TargetFFS®-NOR, Blunk Microsystems' high performance flash file system with guaranteed file system integrity across unexpected shutdowns. TargetFFS is a UNIX-like file system that provides the full POXIX and Standard C file system API.

  • Integrated boot loader for installing 1) applications, either as the boot image or into a larger flash partition that the boot image can be configured to automatically load from, and 2) FPGA IP updates into its boot partition. Both application and FPGA updates can be made via UART, the file system, or TFTP connections. The loader supports ELF, S-record, and binary formats.

  • Uses one block of flash memory to support the TargetOS NVRAM driver interface, providing non-volatile configuration parameters. These parameters, such as startup mode, baud rate, and network configuration, can be displayed and edited via the TargetOS boot menu. Applications can add their own configuration parameters and boot menu entries.

  • Integrated with Blunk Microsystems' CrossStep™ integrated development environment (IDE) that includes an integrated project builder and kernal-aware source code debugger, built-in USBBlaster and over-Ethernet debug support.

  • Royalty-free. Includes full source code, user's manual, and one year of technical support.