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Embedded Graphics Library


TargetGraphics is a graphics library from Blunk Microsystems designed for embedded applications. It is a best-in-class, high performance, efficient, and comprehensive graphics library. To help reduce your time to market, TargetGraphics is integrated with TargetOS and board support packages that include a graphics controller. Custom drivers are also available.


  • Works with any monochrome, grayscale, and color LCDs of any size.

  • If available, capability to use cached memory for frame buffers, for even faster rendering.

  • Only integer math used throughout library, no floating point math.

  • Extensive, intuitive and easy to use API.

  • Support for any true type font of any size via font conversion utility.

  • Support for PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP image types.

  • Efficient image rotation and resizing algorithms.

  • Font and image compression via TargetZFS, Blunk's compressed, read-only file system.

  • Gradient fill options - vertical, horizontal and radial - for circles, arcs, ellipses and polygons.

  • Image/bitmap fill options for circles, arcs, ellipses and polygons.

  • Employs efficient clipping algorithms.

  • Support for alpha blending.