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Embedded File Systems for Linux


Blunk Microsystems' embedded file systems for Linux, TargetFS-LKM™ , is a best-in-class, high performance, full storage solution, tightly integrated with the Linux kernel.


  • Provides fast mount times, deterministic behavior, guaranteed power-fail recovery and higher performance than native Linux solutions

  • User configurable and fixed RAM footprint to work seamlessly with volumes ranging in size from KBs to TBs

  • Full storage stack built as a Loadable Kernel Module for ease of adoption - no need to rebuild the Linux kernel

  • Tightly integrated with the Linux Kernel's Virtual File System (VFS) Layer

  • Uses Blunk's TargetXFS™ file system, TargetFTL-NDM™ NAND flash translation layer and TargetNDM™ NAND bad block manager

  • TargetNDM's low level driver integrated with Linux's Memory Technology Device (MTD) layer.

  • Extensible to all other leading edge Blunk storage solutions which are widely and successfully in use, including in the most stringent environments.

  • Complete and intuitive built environment which works with both LTIB and Buildroot

RAM Formula Calculator is available to compute RAM usage for all Blunk storage solutions.