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Blunk Microsystems

The Blunk Difference

Not all vendors are the same.

At Blunk Microsystems we believe that our company, software, and the way we do business significantly differentiate us from our competition. Different, in this case, is better, and these differences are important reasons to select Blunk as your vendor. Others in the industry may share some of these advantages, but only Blunk offers them all. Consider what makes Blunk unique:

Go to the Source
Blunk is not just reselling code developed elsewhere. Deal with the people who really understand their own technology, not with PowerPoint equipped sales representatives. Blunk’s technical support comes directly from the source and is without a doubt the best in the industry.
We Deliver
Time and again, Blunk has saved projects that were already behind schedule with punctual delivery of software that just worked. Consistent timely delivery of systems that are immediately useable by customers is a coveted source of company pride.
State-of-the-Art Implementation of Traditional RTOS Architecture and Related Embedded Subsystems
Blunk’s systems are traditional in architecture, so working with them is easy and familiar, but the implementations are modern and clean and they are not loaded down with all kinds of legacy artifacts.
Blunk has Everything You Need, Without Extra Baggage
Blunk’s systems fully meet the requirements of most embedded applications, but they are smaller, faster, and simpler than any other products in the market. Blunk’s orientation is and has always been to provide a complete solution. Not only has this tradition of developing to meet the needs of real customers resulted in highly useable systems, but it also means that Blunk can implement to your specific requirements, if necessary, in the continuing process of improving its offerings.
Meeting Requirements that are Difficult to Obtain such as Board Support Packages and a Flash File System
Blunk offers a variety of off-the-shelf Board Support Packages, but it is also willing and able to quickly develop a custom BSP for customer hardware at reasonable cost. Virtually unique is Blunk’s re-entrant embedded Flash File System with wear leveling and guaranteed integrity across unexpected resets. The available graphical real time event tracing system works either through on-chip or Ethernet debug connections. Check out our entire website for additional product details.
Run on Supported Platforms or Easily Port to Custom Architectures
For ColdFire, ARM, and Power Architecture targets, systems come fully integrated with CrossStep™, Blunk's IDE for embedded development that includes an integrated project builder, kernel-aware source code debugger, on-chip debug connections for board bring-up and Ethernet debug connections for fast application development. The systems are also designed to be easily ported to other architectures and toolchains. This has been done successfully multiple times.
Unbeatable Pricing and Licensing Terms
Blunk offers various price and licensing options to fit the different development and distribution requirements, from standard Platform License to a unique Premium Subscription License.
Blunk is a Strong Independent Profitable Company with Consistent Growth
Blunk has successfully operated since 1995. The company’s revenues and customer base are growing, and it continues to add modules and functionality to its product offerings. Blunk’s conservative management has never overspent its revenue. At this point, Blunk is among the very most stable companies in the embedded software space. Since it is not owned or controlled by a giant parent company, Blunk is able to focus exclusively on satisfying the embedded software systems needs of its customers.