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Company Overview

Blunk Microsystems provides a broad spectrum of system software designed for embedded development including an RTOS, stacks, web server, flash file system, device drivers, and board support packages. Blunk's products are available for off-the-shelf reference boards or can be ported to the customer's platform. Products are implemented in tight, clean code to be fast, small, reliable, and portable. Licensing includes source code and royalty free distribution of executables. Custom work can also be delivered under contract.

Our History and Business Philosophy
Blunk bootstrapped its operations by providing contract programming services, primarily custom board support packages (BSPs) and device drivers. Gradually a line of standard products emerged that were suitable for turnkey licensing and now the company focuses its development efforts on producing standard products. Throughout its history, development has always been explicitly to satisfy actual customers building real embedded devices. There has always been an emphasis on complete solutions which is why the company continues to this day to do BSPs and device drivers as part of its offering. Most recently the company has started introducing products for leading edge technologies, such as NAND flash and Wi-Fi, and has been able to offer vitally needed software components that are not available in the market from any other source.

The company has an engineering orientation and perceives that it is supplying solutions which are essentially what its customers would have developed themselves. Obtaining system software components from a vendor has advantages over in-house written code in that it is more quickly brought on-line, more economical, already thoroughly debugged, and has standard interfaces. Every effort is made to eliminate the disadvantages normally associated with obtaining components from a vendor by making the code as clean as possible and by providing a very high level of technical support. In a short period of time, customers find their in-house staff to be completely comfortable with the licensed software, much as if they had written it themselves.

By adopting the royalty-free business model, Blunk's software has primarily been used in very high volume devices, such as consumer electronics, automobiles, settop boxes, and cell phones. As a result, the company has been virtually invisible, although nearly everyone in the world has had direct contact with products built on Blunk's technology. As a natural result of its steadily growing business, Blunk Microsystems is now enjoying increased prominence as a source for embedded system software.

The company's offices are at 8880 Cal Center Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95826 95120-4558 and it can be reached at (408) 323-1758.  It was founded in 1995 and it is privately held.