Blunk Announces $5K RTOS Bundle for Embedded Artists' LPC1788

San Jose, Calif., May 27, 2014 - Blunk Microsystems announces turnkey support for Embedded Artists' LPC1788 Development Kit. The $5K RTOS Bundle includes the TargetOS™ embedded operating system with advanced file system and networking support, a board support package with a complete set of drivers, and Blunk’s CrossStep™ Integrated Development Environment.

Components in the $5K RTOS Bundle include:

LPC1788 drivers include: buttons, DMA, Ethernet, EEPROM, I2C, interrupt controller, LED, MPU, NAND flash, NOR flash, RTC, SD, SDRAM, SPI, high speed timer, periodic timers, UART, and USB.

The bundle includes both the PC based development tools and the embedded operating system components, providing a complete turnkey solution for LPC1788 embedded software development. The embedded software is supplied as source code. The bundle is licensed as per-seat annual subscriptions with a total cost of $5K per seat. There are no royalty charges.

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Blunk Microsystems has provided high-performance embedded software for 32-bit processors since 1995. Products include an RTOS, advanced embedded file systems, IPv4 and IPv6 certified TCP/IP stacks, embedded graphics/windowing library, USB stack, embedded web server, high-level source debugger, and integrated GNU-based development environment.

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